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Founding members 


If you are an AOC, large or small, commercial or non-commerical, fixed or rotary wing, irrespective of country, you could join us now as a founding member.  


Founding members can nominate a representative to sit on our initial governance steering group and help us shape a PSP that is ideally suited to the needs aviators. 

Founding AOC members also enjoy 30% reduction on their membership fees.

AOC membership


Most AOCs will want to get on with the day job and join a PSP with the peace of mind that their pilots have access to a well run, safe and secure programme. You may be willing to offer us interested pilots to join the trained peer community (and enjoy a reduction on your membership fees if selected) or simply benefit from with a programme without further commitments.

Individual pilot membership 

Whatever your employment arrangements, you might want to join a BizAv Peer community where you know there will always be someone you can talk to who understands the nature of your job and is willing and able to provide support if the need arose.

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