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Information for Scandinavian AOCs.

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We are here for you.

As a pilot, we understand that you face stressors that are unique to your industry and lifestyle. This support programme is for those challenging moments in life when you might wish to speak to a fellow pilot and share the load. Our trained peers are commercial pilots like you and understand exactly what it is like to work and live as a pilot in this current climate. They are there for you - to listen and support, in confidence and without judgement. 


The peer support programme is for the pilots of CAP PSP member AOCs. It governed to the highest professional and medical standards of confidentiality and is administered and supported by the leading specialists and independent providers in this field, the Centre for Aviation Psychology


Using this service

The people using this service contact us because they are experiencing a difficulty in their professional or personal lives and would value talking it through with the support of a trained peer - in confidence and independently of their employer. These difficulties, however large or small, typically include: employment uncertainty; life and career stressors and changes; relationship and family problems; fatigue; work/life balance; bereavement; sim check worries; work pressures; career options; financial difficulties, or physical and/or mental health concerns.

Requesting a call

To keep things simple and secure, the service is provided over the phone. You let us know, via the Speak to a Peer page, that you would like to speak to a peer and we will put you in contact with one of our trained peers who will then arrange a mutually convenient time to talk. ​​


The initial conversation will be to understand how they can best support you - or which direction to point you in. They are supported by clinical psychologists from the Centre for Aviation Psychology. 


Have a look at the our FAQs to better understand how this service works and how we protect your confidentiality.  

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